Why Should We Buy?

Ayam Kampung, either grown barn-style or free-range, is the healthier option when compared to your run-of-the-mill broiler chicken (the kind of chicken that ol’ man Kentucky uses)

This is because organic ayam kampung has not been subjected to any genetic modifications, grown without the use of hormone injections, and harvested at the appropriate age of maturity.

Broiler chickens are commonly grown commercially to the point that:

  • they live only to eat & grow in size until their weight crushes their legs (more meat AND fat)
  • they are given an array of modifying agents to make them grow bigger faster, but not necessarily stronger
  • they are harvested at 28 days of life (chickens naturally mature at 124 days!) 

Because of that, broiler chickens are meatier but because its high in fat and ammonia, it’s extremely harmful for our long term health. Get the right nutrition now by switching to organic chicken.

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Ayam Kampung 4 Life

Local farmers & citizens know all about the health benefits of ayam kampung, ask your parents about them.

And the saying “you are what you eat” bears so much weight, especially when one looks into the rising health issues that are plaguing us nowadays. That is precisely why a lot of small-scale Malaysian farmers are starting to grow ayam kampungs in their plot of land to meet the demand. 

These locally-grown ayam kampungs are scientifically proven to be healthier, juicier, and have an all-around better taste to them that the broiler chickens can never live up to. Aside from supporting ethical meat production, by choosing ayam kampungs, you will be supporting the local community.


Buy local, go global. By collaborating with these small-scale local farmers, we aim to help the nation grow towards the global community.

Aside from whipping up our own recipes in our kitchens, we have collaborated with local brands Rain’s Hot Sauce and DapoGo (by Sedap Malam Station) to come up with our stunning flavours in our journey to make delicious ayam kampung choices to aid your conversion from broiler chickens!

Try all the flavours to see what suits your buds!

Interested in collaborating with us? Drop us a message here!

Rain's Hot Sauce collaboration
DapoGo collaboration
Abang Ajit with his ayam kampungs

Who we are

We are boys on a mission to make healthy eating accessible to all, while making them delicious at the same time!

The main reason that healthy dietary choices are expensive in Malaysia is because we import most of the fresh produce. This is not right when considering the fact that many small-scale farmers do believe in authentic produce enough to be raising their own ayam kampungs in a small-scale manner. That’s where we come in, aside from growing our own healthy ayam kampungs, we help these local farmers around Klang Valley boost their income by creating a platform for them to sell their products while collaborating with local brands.

In doing so, we are fostering the growth of a community that believes in healthy eating and making it affordable for you!

Interested in our mission? Drop us a message here!

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