5 Chicken Health Secrets: Everything You Need To Know

And why you should go organic

We see our KL audience asking questions like “why junk food bad for health?” (sic), “what is the worst food for health?”, and “food for women’s health” and it pointed us to the obvious fact that you are clearly trying to curate your own healthy diet! 

Let’s take a step back and look at what the majority of us Malaysians would eat every single day — chicken.

Butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, ayam goreng, they all have one thing in common — they sound absolutely delicious! But there’s a dark side to the factory-bred meat chickens we get from the supermarkets (known as broiler chickens or ayam daging) and here are 5 reasons why you should switch to organic ayam kampung (free range chicken), especially if you live in KL, Selangor, or Putrajaya.


A broiler chicken with feather loss and severe skin irritation due to ammonia build up in their sheds. Courtesy of CIWF

As the CIWF discovered in an undercover operation, broiler sheds are in no way suitable for humane life. There are generally no natural light, pretty much nothing inside except for food and water points, and the chickens eat, live, and sleep on their droppings for life. This can pollute the air with ammonia which stays inside the chicken’s meat for our consumption. Not to mention the damage to the chickens’ lungs and skin burns which are extremely painful.

Get ethically farmed organic chickens (free range chicken or ayam kampung) delivered to you if you’re in the Klang Valley area.

Overcrowding in isolation, the perfect hub for diseases. Courtesy of CIWF.

As we’ve all known from COVID-19 and the seemingly never-ending national lockdown (MCO/PKP), being in isolation can drive you nuts. Imagine being in isolation your whole life while having personal space smaller than a piece of A4 paper! Industrialized farming is ending up with these broilers mauling each other due to the stress and being more prone to infective diseases (which means more chances for us to eat their infected/diseased meat…)

Opt for small-scale local farmers around Selangor instead for healthy organic chicken while supporting the local economy.

A catching machine can pick up around 9,000 chickens per hour while breaking their bones & causing injuries. Courtesy of CIWF.

The factory-driven inhumane methods of catching, handling, and slaughtering of broiler chickens cause huge amounts of distress as well as deaths prior to being slaughtered. Chickens feel pain and emotions too, and that’s no way to live or die.

Choose compassion, choose welfare for the meat that you eat. Buy ethical organic chicken from the KL, Selangor, and Putrajaya region.

Nearly 5x increase in weight than how it was before intensive industrialization. Courtesy of University of Alberta Meat Control

Broiler chickens are continually being pushed to grow beyond their natural limits over the decades, reaching the harvesting weight as early as 28-days old! Simply reaching the target weight does not equate to reaching the appropriate age for slaughtering. This push for fast-paced broiler chicken production has inevitably caused the chickens to accumulate unhealthy amounts of fat and lessened the actual nutritional content of their meat, which is ultimately bad for us.

Get what you pay for pound for pound by switching to sustainably farmed organic chickens.

Lame chicken in intense pain. Photo by Animal Liberation NSW from their undercover investigation at a Red Lea Broiler Farm in NSW in October 2012.

Because these broiler chickens are bred to grow at such a rapid rate, they have become unable to bear their own body weight and have increasingly ended up disabled, paralyzed, and even dying due to heart failure. The nutritional value of these massive chickens are actually very little, so we might feel full from eating them but in the end, they’re still considered junk food and will only contribute to our own health problems (eg: obesity)

Fuel your health journey with free range organic chicken so you can give your body the correct nutrition it needs.

Taking charge of your health matters, especially when you’re at a youthful age, to make sure that you live well and age well. This is even more pressing because the obesity rate in Malaysia is quickly rising with childhood obesity and the morbidly obese being severely affected. Obesity is related to type 2 diabetes mellitus, unstable angina & angina meaning heart attacks (blocked blood supply of heart), and the need for coronary angiography.

There are many factors of obesity and daily diet is a strong factor, which is why so many people are switching to organic free range chicken now, on top of its ethical farming benefits. Here at Boys & Chicks, we focus on making healthy eating a convenient, tasty, and fun lifestyle for you and we will ensure that you will receive the finest quality happy chickens right here in Klang Valley. We also collaborate with local brands as part of our effort to grow the local community #GrowLokal

If you’re in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, or Putrajaya, get your ayam kampung free range chickens delivered to you by ordering below or visit our Shopee & Instagram. Follow our Facebook Page & Twitter for regular updates. If you are interested to sell our products, register as an agent!

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